Cloaks are provided via services; for any cloak to take effect you must identify with services first. You can enable your cloak by simply issuing the following command (assuming you are already identified with services)

/msg nickserv SET CLOAK ON

If no personalized cloak has already been set, you will receive a cloak that is unique to your account with services and will be the same across connections to OFTC. Default cloaks will appear as:


Visit the Staff page to identify staff and their cloaks.

(Not) Protecting Your Identity

Cloaks on OFTC are not a secure means of protecting your identity, and sometimes not even your hostname/IP. Cloaks will mask your hostname or IP while you are connected. There are some exceptions however:

  • There is a small window between connect and cloak set by services where the orignal information is visible in /whois for any user
  • If services are down, no cloaks will be set at all
  • Network Operators can see the original information at any time

If these exceptions are ok for you, use cloaks. If they are not, you should not be connecting from this IP to the internet in the first place.


OFTC currently issues personalized user cloaks to those who request them. Personalized cloaks will be of the form


Note that if you have multiple nicks linked to your account, it will only be set to the nick that is currently identified as your MASTER nick. Your master nick must not contain any invalid DNS characters, and when set will be only lowercase.

Your request with your services info (registered nickname) may be emailed to and when staff have time to handle it you will be notified. (Pressuring staff for an answer will not expedite the process or cast favor on your request.)