Dear recruit,

Congratulations, your server has been approved for use on OFTC, and this provides you with the position of a Server Sponsor. If you wish to cary through with your server offer, please read on. If not, please inform a member of the Network Operations Committee that you no longer wish to sponsor a server at this time.

Server Sponsor Guidelines

We appreciate your interest in providing our network with a server. In order to ensure that your server remains connected to our network, I am providing you with basic guidelines for all Server Sponsors.

Server sponsors are expected to provide the Head of Infrastructure Maintenance with contact information and be reachable within a reasonable amount of time, to warn a member of the Network Operations Committee in advance of scheduled downtime, and to honestly answer questions about the use of their servers.

Server Sponsors provide the Network with the use of an account on their servers, but may not modify any of the information in those accounts without the prior permission of the Network Operations Committee or the Head of Infrastructure Maintenance.

As a Server Sponsor, you will be granted the right to participate in the next election and may be offered a role within any department before that time. Server Sponsors are not granted any special priveleges or responsibilities, but may be offered further priveleges or responsibilities by the Network Operations Committee at a later date.

Server Sponsors are members of the Network’s Staff and as such, your words or actions can be interpreted as the position of the Network. Misrepresentation of the Network or the positions of the Network, or violation of any other part of these guidelines may result in a review by the Network Operations Committee, the Head of Infrastructure, or the Ombudsman, and may result in action ranging from a note on your record to your server being removed from the Network.

Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in a review by the Ombudsman or by the NOC, potentially resulting in disciplinary action ranging from a note on your record to expulsion from staff.

If you have questions, suggestions, or comments about your role, feel free to contact other members of the staff.