Dear recruit,

Congratulations, you’ve been voted to the position of NetRep. If you wish to accept this position, please read on. If not, please inform a member of the NOC that you do not wish to accept this position at this time.

Network Representative Guidelines

More than a privilege, this is a responsibility, and a stepping stone for further, deeper involvement in the Network’s administration.

We do not select Network Representatives based on technical merit. Between elections, the NOC selects members of the staff to be Network Representatives based on a number of factors, including previous record on the Network, social skills, and the ability to learn from, listen to, and cooperate with other staff and interact with the users of the Network.

Network Representatives are not granted any special abilities by default, with the exception of access to the Network’s private staff channel.

As a Network_Representative, your primary task is to assist users in any way you can, or to seek the assistance of NetOps or NOC members when you don’t have the necessary priveleges, and to pass on concerns expressed about the running of the network to NOC members for discussion, so that the network may continue to run in a free and open manner. Network Representatives may also be asked by department heads to assist in their operations as their skills allow.

Any time there is an event which you find needs to be logged, send an email to with details so that the event may be logged and archived.

Network Representatives are representatives of the Network, and as such, anything you say in public can be interpreted as the position of the Network. Misrepresenting the Network or the position of the Network may result in a review by the Ombudsman or by the NOC, potentially resulting in disciplinary action ranging from a note on your record to expulsion from staff.

If you have questions, suggestions, or comments about your role, feel free to contact other members of the staff.