The OFTC Network limits the number of connections coming from hosts to limit the resources that may be used by misconfigured software.

If you receive the message: No more connections from this host allowed. See for more info. when you are not allowed to connect to OFTC, you have hit one of our limits.

If this happens to you, please write to; include the day and time (as well as timezone) you received this message. If you think you know why the connections are being rejected (such as a CGI::IRC gateway, behind a NAT firewall, etc.) please let us know.

If you know you are using a NAT firewall, please include the IP addresses of your NAT firewalls (some networks use more than a single publicly-routable IP address), how long you think it will be valid (e.g., a short-term conference vs a long-term business), as well as how many connections you believe would make a reasonable ceiling.

OFTC has no limitations on users connecting with two or three clients, however we do suggest ChanServ and NickServ as possible alternatives to running your own channel bots.