CallerID is a powerful feature to ignore private message from people you did not explicitly allow to do so.

  • You need to set /umode +g (or +G) to enable this mode
  • You need to /ACCEPT <nick> people you want to be able to privately message you
  • If someone messages you and (s)he is not your ignorelist, (s)he AND you will get a short notice saying that you are +g
  • You will get this message only once every 60 seconds
  • When the accepted user quits, you quit, you’re separated by a netsplit, or the accepted user changes his nick, the ACCEPT will be invalidated
  • To view your accept list, issue /ACCEPT *
  • To remove a user, issue /ACCEPT -<nick>

The difference between +g and +G is that +G always lets private messages through if the sender and the recipient share a channel. If both +g and +G are set, +G takes precedence.